About Us



Streethearts (501c3) was founded with the mission of providing a safe haven for the hundreds of street children in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. It began as a side project, to befriend and buildup the kids’ sense of self. First, there were small incentive programs, based around athletics and rewards for participation. Founder, Linsey Jorgenson (based out of Haiti), used this as a way to begin tracking the kids, to check-in on their safety and whereabouts.

As her bond with her street family grew, so did the number of kids she was looking after. All those connections began to reveal a situation that was just too big to aid part-time, and too complicated to not warrant her full attention.

The passion and need turned into the Streethearts organization, in October of 2012. She took this project head-on with the help of Co-Founder, Farryl Bocato (based out of Miami); hiring a Haitian staff, building a dynamic board (both Haitian and American), and seeking the help of a completely volunteer-based US team. Together a program was built that focuses on self-worth and empowerment through athletics, hygiene, nutrition, education, social work and community outreach.

Trust is at the heart of our organization. Each of our kids has a different story. Some are orphans, while others choose the streets over unstable home-life. Regardless of the situation, when they enter into the Streethearts family they are given opportunities to better themselves, take on leadership roles, trust, and be trusted.

In February of 2013 Streethearts moved into our first safe house. The building is outfitted with beds, showers, and round-the-clock staff. It serves as a secure place for the kids to go and helps keep them out of danger. There are sports, art, and music programs to help keep the kids involved in positive and healthy activities. The house also includes 24-hour access to showers, and basic hygiene supplies. Linsey, along with a dedicated staff, work around the clock to make the safe house a haven for the kids.

Streethearts currently has over eighty children in the program, with the numbers increasing each day. We have a variety of ways you can get involved!


Our Mission: Rescue the helpless and hopeless and lead them to a life of significance, through Jesus Christ.

Our Vision: Eliminate the street kid population and empower the next generation of forgotten children.

Our Values:

  • FAITH – Complete trust and confidence in the Lord and His Will
  • PASSION – Fire living inside of you that drives you to action
  • PERSERVERANCE – Strength & commitment to carry-on until the end
  • LOVE – Reflecting kindness and respect, rooted in mercy, for those that have been deemed as outcasts
  • COMMUNITY – Empowering young adults through transformation to impact their own communities, and the Nations