Meet Our Kids

Ambroise (John Peter)

Ambroise Dieuvers (aka John Peter)

January 7, 1996

John Peter’s mother lives is in the Dominican Republic and his dad is dead. His grandpa lives in Cap Haitien, but they beat him a lot there so he does not want to return. He’s very helpful around the house. After finishing school, he wants to be a soccer star. He is also employed in our work placement program making greeting cards.


Roody Angrand

January 8, 1996

Roody hasn’t know his mom since he was 2 months old, and his father died in May of 2005. He has a grandmother who lives in Cap but wasn’t able to take care of him, so he took to street life. Roody is currently enrolled in our work placement program learning agricultural skills at Second Mile Ministries. He is so excited for his first ever real job and thankful to both Streethearts and Second Mile for the opportunity.

Eddy Charles

Eddy Charles

April 2, 1997

Eddy’s mom is dead and his dad lives in Cap. His dad remarried a new wife who didn’t care for him, so they left him behind. His dad was abusive. He loves his dad but he doesn’t want to live with his new wife. He’s excited to be going to school and is on the soccer team. Mackenson is his best friend in the house. His favorite movie is Rambo.

Louis Jacquelin

Louis Jacquelin

June 16, 1997

His parents split up. His dad is dead and his mom is too poor to take care of him. She lives in Cap. He wants to be an engineer when he grows up. He likes that Streethearts helps him go to school, where his favorite subjects are reading and math. Izolan is his favourite rapper.

Mackenson G.

Mackenson Guerrier

July 8, 1997

Mackenson’s father is dead and his mother lives in Blue Hill, one of the communities where the kids volunteer. His mother can’t provide for him, otherwise he would live with her. He says he came to Cap and got lost so he decided to stay. He heard about Streethearts through word of mouth. He enjoys studying at the house and is thankful that he is going to school. His favorite subject is math. Judo is his favorite extra-curricular.


Ronald Jean Pierre (aka Emmanual)

January 25, 1998

When Emmanual’s mother died and his father left him for the Dominican Republic, Emmanual and his 4 siblings were left to live with his aunt who already had many children. She couldn’t provide for him, so he turned to the streets. Emmanual likes to play soccer and wants to be an electrician one day. He doesn’t have a favorite subject in school – he says “I’m no good at any of them, so I have to like them all!”

Ti Sony

Juvenson Alidas (aka Ti Sony)

March 28, 1998

Ti Sony used to live with his parents in Saint Filomen, but he ran away to the streets due to abuse. His mother would tie him to the bed for days on end. Now that he’s in the program, he’s advancing extremely well in school and has the highest grades in his class! Sony also makes greeting cards part time with the work placement program.


Marcny Cheranfant

April 12, 1998

Marcny started out in Port au Prince with an aunt who treated him badly. He lived on the streets for a few years, then returned to Gran Iver where he discovered that his mom was dead. On the streets he was a very popular prostitute. He would flirt with men for food and when it came time to uphold his end of the bargain, he would run away. One time he was caught and had the letter S carved onto his face for “salop”, which means “slut”. He was addicted to paint thinner but has since left that behind. His dream is to finish school and become a police officer. He currently works part time making greeting cards through our work placement program.


Johnky Simus

May 6, 1998

His parents live in Limbe. He loves his Dad, who is broke and a drug addict. He loves his mom but she can’t afford to care for him so he resorted to the streets. His father took him on a road trip to Cap for a festival and he memorized the route to Cap and took it himself. He feels like Streethearts has changed his life and he is very thankful for that. He likes everything about school because he loves to learn. He enjoys doing odd jobs around the house. He might want to be a mechanic one day.


Jilien Tertilius

September 9, 1998

Jilien doesn’t know his father and his mother is in the Dominican Republic. He has an aunt that lives in the city but he doesn’t want to live with her, because she won’t let him go to school. If she had the money to care for him, he would want to live with her. He has a history of working on taxis and his aunt used to make him beg in the streets. His little brother told him to come to Streethearts from Port au Prince. He likes Streethearts because he feels it’s helping him get further in life. He likes reading and judo, and likes to clean. Samson is his best friend in the house.


Luckny Salomon

November 3, 1998

Luckny’s dad dad left him to live in Ouanamethe. He loves his mom dearly but she is too poor to take care of him. He tagged along with friends who brought him into the streets, where he became involved with gangs. His favourite subject in school is literature. His hobby is playing soccer.


Marco Fredinand

December 8, 1998

Marco’s parents went to live in the USA and left him with relatives who treated him badly. He has an aunt in the city but he won’t say why he won’t live with her. He wants to finish school and become a police officer. He likes Streethearts because he has more respect here – in the streets he was considered dirty. He has natural talent as an actor.


Elduardo Zamor

February 21, 1999

Zamor used to live with his grandmother and his dad. His dad was a musician and a crack addict. His grandma wanted him to hate his father, so he didn’t like her. The grandma kicked his father out so he decided to leave the house too. His best friend in the house is Ti Franky.

John Ceasar

Stevenson Joseph (aka John Ceasar)

March 4, 1999

John Ceasar used to be addicted to drugs and would wash cars at the local convenience store. After his mom died he said he lost hope and took to the streets, where he met Linsey. He likes everything about the centre, especially that he gets to go to school. He wants to drive tractor trailers when he grows up, which is a very well respected profession in Haiti. In school he likes literature and math.


Samson Benoit

August 28, 1999

Samson doesn’t know his father and has a mom in Bel Air that can’t care for him, so he left home for the streets. He likes judo and doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up. He is doing very well in school!

Mackenson D.

Mackenson Dophelin

January 2, 2000

Mackenson’s dad lives in the country and his mom lives in Cap. His mom kicked him out and told him to live in the street. He slept on the street one night and she told him don’t do it again. He did it again, and when he got home, all his clothes were outside. He loves his mom but he says she doesn’t love him.

Erickson Eugene

Erickson Eugene

July 14, 2000

His mom is dead and he doesn’t know his father. He lived with his cousin, who beat him and kicked him out. His grandmother is responsible for him and she’s married to a white man. He has traveled with her to St. Marc and the USA. He maintains that although she is traveling, she is coming to pick him up.


Wedky Paul

July 6, 2002

Wedky’s father is dead and he doesn’t know his mother. He uses to live with his grandma and his aunt, but the aunt beat him and used him as a slave so he was forced to run away from home. He loves his grandma and will visit her, but not his aunt. He’s grateful that Streethearts gives him meals, a place to sleep, and the opportunity to go to school. He likes to watch soccer games and his favorite subject in school is literature.

ti kabrit

Gethro Saintilien

12 years old

All the other kids affectionately call Gethro “Ti Kabri” which means “little goat”. His dad died in the Dominican Republic, and his mom kicked him out of the house. One day he jumped on the back of a taxi and took off. He says his mom was mean to him and he doesn’t ever want to live with her again. He loves to play soccer and might like to be a mechanic when he grows up. His favorite subject in school is Math.


Franky Mentor

January 6, 2003

Little Franky is one of our youngest. After he was orphaned he left with his Grandma in Limbe, but ran away from home when his grandmother couldn’t provide for him. They love each other very much and she comes to visit from time to time. Franky writes his own raps and recently won our Streethearts talent show with an original song!


Frisnel Garson

October 31, 2003

His mom lives in Cap and his Dad lives in the DR. He loves his mom, but she can’t feed him. He went to the streets because he was influenced by his friends. He wants to finish school and become a taxi driver, and use his car to travel the country.

Richerron Noel (aka Jackson)

March 10, 2006

Jackson is another one of our littlest. His dad lives in the Dominican Republic and is mom lives in Turks. His grandma used to take care of him, but she is homeless too. She sleeps in the market. Jackson loves to play pranks and is thankful that Streethearts gives him a safe place to stay.


Judelyn Bien-Aimé

3 years old

Judelyn is our youngest kid in the program. He can’t hear music without starting to dance. He has a lot of nicknames but for the most part the other kids call him “Little One” or “Little Izolan” because he walks with all the swagger of a rap star! We found him wandering the streets in Blue Hill, where his blind grandma was in charge of him. His grandmothers tell us conflicting stories – one says his mom left for the Dominican Republic when he was 3 months old, the other says she died when he was 3 months. His father passed away in November of 2013. His family comes to visit from time to time.