The Program



Our Streethearts Program is based on the following areas:


Habitat/Hygiene: Kids are able to sleep in a clean, safe environment – with a strong focus on dental hygiene and basic health care (showering/soap/nails and toes clipped/shoes). Each child earns items (clothes & shoes) through a chore-based incentive program.


Faith: Church and bible study services are provided for the children. We do not turn children away based on their denominations. Our teaching is bible-based, Nondenominational Christianity.


Nutrition: We plan to provide a health shake in the morning and a nutritious meal in the afternoons.


Sports/Recreation: We focus on four  core sports: Soccer, Basketball, Running, and Judo. We hold practices, based around times that are most prominent for the children to be in the streets (early evening/night). The exercise is great for their health, provides self-esteem and goal-setting opportunities through merit, and combats street violence.


Community: Once the children reach a point of rehabilitation, they will participate in community service activities.


Social Work: In addition to the house, we run a social work program that involves interviewing family’s of street children and placing them in job opportunities. We manage their employment, and educate them on basic family skills and budgeting. Our goal is to transition the child back into their family home, and assist as needed. Children 16 and older, are interviewed for employment programs as well. The hope is to transition them back into society after a period of rehabilitation and stabilization.