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VBS with Mount Vernon Foursquare Fellowship

MVFF came and lead our boys in their first ever Vacation Bible School... Huge success!! The boys had a great time! We got to leave our house, go out to the country side and have a full day of fun interactive bible lessons, sports games, crafts and pool fun! Even our snack time pretty delicious! A big THANK YOU to Deep River Mission for allowing us to use their facilities. Also, for the compliment of letting us know how well behaved and respectful our kids are! When we hash tag "not street kids anymore" it's for a pretty beautiful reason! These kids have come so far and are determined to keep going :) So Proud!!! Thank you Vanessa, Nicole, Moriah and Melody for leading the charge, loving on us and spoiling us with so much fun!

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The shelter is OPEN!!!

Everyone worked so hard to get the shelter open. All the kids helped bring in bed frames and mattresses. Staff not scheduled to work volunteered their time to get the house ready to welcome the "raw" street kids off the street. Providing a safe place for these kids that aren't ready to leave street life a safe place is crucial. Prayer to protect and change their hearts to leave street life is imperative. Join with us in prayer and action as we work to eradicate the street kids population of Cap and ultimately around all of Haiti and the Caribbean!!!

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River Pointe Church Visit

We had 4 spectacular men come to work with us last week. First thing Ti-Cardo did was punch Terrace in the calf and yell "look at his calf! It's 5 times the size of mine!!"... the entire trip was planned around working with our staff and older kids to build the shelter. God had other plans! Yes, the guys got A LOT done for the shelter and spent quite a bit of time loving on the kids, but the mentor/ "man to man" time was priceless for our staff! Amazing, amazing time with these hilarious men of faith and integrity! It was a short trip, but what an impact on us! We can't wait to have you back T, Jamey, Richard and Bill!!!

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Teachers 2 Teachers Summer Camp!

Thank you so much to Teachers 2 Teachers for inviting us to their Summer camp, that was held in Baudin a small town on the outskirts of Cap-Haitian.

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Education Center

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Happy Birthday, boys!!!!

Every month we have a big birthday party to celebrate our birthday boys and let them know how special they are!

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Penti Kominote

Here is one of our workforce programs in action! This team of 4 paint homes in rural areas where families cannot afford to fix their homes themselves. We are so proud of our team! Keep up the beautiful work guys!

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Thank You Tina Murray at Chik-Fil-A Houston, TX!!!

They are hard at work diggin our well! We met our goal! We will have the pump this weekend - whoop whoop! Amen!

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Chick-Fil-A visit April 2015

Chick-Fil-A operators and staff came to volunteer with us through Partners Worldwide and LifeShape. Always a good time. Their group: 12 strong strapping men and one totally awesome woman knocked down concrete walls, removed rotted ceilings, painted, varnished and entertained us all! Then they treated us to the beach where there was nerf football, raft wrestling and king of the raft, bury each other in the sand and of course a nice hearty snack and juice. Thank you to the entire team for taking time to come serve and love on us!! We miss you all!!

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We've come a long way!!

However, there is still much work to be done!! Piti piti zwazo fè nich (little by little the bird builds the nest- Haitian proverb). Here is the progress so far and how the house looks. Linsey is in the US as we speak working on fundraising and discussing our needs, goals and accomplishments.

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Happy Easter 2015! He is Risen Indeed!

Huge thank you to our Easter volunteers for making this the best Easter yet!!!

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Pooches and a kitty... watch us grow!

Streethearts now officially has 3 adorable pets!! We have brother and sister Lab mix puppies... Ladies and gents! Introducing Raboday and Salsa!! And of course who can forget the kitty that just showed up one day and loves us to much to leave, Spaghetti 2!!

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Street Kids Christmas Party - December 2013

This is an Annual Christmas Party hosted by Streethearts. It includes ALL street kids - anyone is welcome!

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Christmas Party at Petit-Anse (Landfill Church) - December 2013

The kids volunteered to help feed over 200+ children for Christmas!

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LinkedIn for Good - December 2013

We are one the proud recipients of the LinkedIn for Good Innovation Grant for 2013!

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Decorating for Christmas at the Safehouse! - December 2013

The boys first Christmas tree!

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The Scene BisNow (DC) - June 2013

Last night we went to Mio for a StreetHearts fundraiser, supporting a safehouse in Haiti.

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Streethearts Safe House (Move-in) - February 2013

We've moved into our first official safe house! These photos are from the first night. We can't want to take more photos when the house is made a home, and our additional roof showers are completed.

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Streethearts Soccer (H.A.N.D.S) - January 2013

Streethearts is thrilled to partner with the organization HANDS - Helping Haiti AND Soccer. These are photos from their visit in January where they hosted a soccer tournament, and played some one-on-one games with the kids.

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Christmas Party - December 2012

Streethearts Christmas party! Dinner, presents, and a marshmallow eating competition.

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