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Hope Health Action

Hope Health Action is a Christian charity passionate about facilitating sustainable, life-saving health and disability care to the world’s most vulnerable, without any discrimination. We seek to put the call of Jesus into reality, loving others, as we would wish to be loved ourselves; bringing hope, health and action to the world’s poorest. We equip local health systems in the most fragile states, empowering national staff and facilities to fulfill their vision, ensuring the world’s poorest receive accessible, dignified and compassionate healthcare. Please visit www.hopehealthaction.org for more information.


Emmaus Biblical Seminary

EBS exists to develop Christ-like leaders for the transformation of Haiti. We recruit Spirit-filled Haitian men and women with a clear calling to redemptive ministry in Haiti, and have a four-year seminary undergrad program and a Masters of the Arts in Christian Leadership degree. If you are interested in being a part of what God’s doing through His children in Haiti, learn more at EBSHaiti.org, pray for us as He uses Emmaus to disrupt the reign of darkness and deception in Haiti, support an Emmaus student, and/or come alongside as a team or intern.


Calvary United Methodist Church

At Calvary United Methodist Church, our mission is “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” We seek to accomplish our mission by “connecting people to God, one another, and our world through worship, wisdom, and works.” We call this vision “The Journey.” Every person’s journey is unique, but we all travel together and help one another along the road. Please visit https://www.connectwithcalvary.org/ for more information.


Mount Vernon Foursquare Fellowship

Mount Vernon Foursquare Fellowship (“MVFF”) is a church community that is committed to: (i) loving people, and helping them identify and live out who God has made them to be; and (ii) caring for the poor, the orphaned, and the captive. MVFF is passionate about discipleship and about raising up disciple-makers who will share with others (through words and action) what Jesus has taught them. MVFF’s heart and mission is beautifully summarized in this brief but powerful video: http://vimeopro.com/clearimage/discipling.


The Caris Foundation

The Caris Foundation in partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Health, the National Laboratory, USAID/PEPFAR and other National and International organizations supports over 100 hospitals to provide PCR testing for the Early Infant Diagnosis of HIV. The program was established in 2009. The foundation also supports PMTCT activities as part of a strategy to eliminate Mother To Child transmission of HIV in Haiti. Caris has developed an exciting strategy to care for all children living with HIV to ensure the best possible treatment, clinical monitoring as well as educational and psycho-social opportunities.


Second Mile Haiti

Second Mile Haiti’s mission is to provide for the physical needs of some of Haiti’s most fragile children while empowering their mothers through health education, small business opportunities, and agriculture training.

Second Mile Haiti is a referral site for hospitals and clinics who identify acutely malnourished children and families in need of comprehensive support services. Our program can accommodate 12 – 16 moms who stay an average of 4 – 6 weeks. Mothers are active participants in their child’s recovery and gain important skills during the process, including how to prevent future cases of malnutrition and illness.

After participating in the many educational courses offered at Second Mile each mother is given the opportunity to start her own locally sustainable business. Second Mile also strives to be sustainable as an organization. We currently garden on six acres, raise livestock (cows, goats, chickens), and produce green-charcoal. Our sustainability projects affect our staff, local villagers, and moms and children that are in our program.


Park Valley Church

Park Valley, is all about life-change! Their goal is to be a spiritually mature church while still maintaining our relaxed attitude & fun atmosphere. They desire for Park Valley to be a place where all will feel welcome and comfortable to encounter Jesus in a powerful way; that this encounter would lead to real and lasting life-change that results in serving others and honoring God with their lives. PVC functions like a healthy family, where we are known and strengthened by each other & where everyone feels at home.


Woven Grace

Woven Grace’s mission is to make a difference in Haiti through employment, training and friendship with men, women, and teens. As we work together, learn from each other and share our burdens with each other, our lives are woven together.

Woven Grace provides a workforce development program to Streethearts. The teens make unique cards and journals that are sold in the US in Fair Trade shops as well as in other retail outlets. Streethearts has a store of these items to purchase as well.

For more information, please contact: Jeanne Allen, Director of Marketing, (540) 270-5447, jeanne@wovengrace.org, www.wovengrace.org

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